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About me

I'm a Scientist! That's probably not what you expect as a first description but I'm also an artist and having just retired from one career I now seem to be embarking on a second.

I worked as a Biomedical Scientist for 44 Years in the NHS in Scotland, laterally managing the Blood Science sections of the Clinical Laboratories in three busy general hospitals in Lanarkshire with combined workloads of up 5000 samples per day. I retired from the laboratories in September 2017.

As a child I remember seeing a Russell Flint print in a friend's house and it made such an impression on me, the beauty of the colours and the way the paint seemed to portray the image perfectly. Maybe that was my inspiration!


In 2004 I decided I wanted to learn to paint using watercolours, so off I went, not able to draw a straight line mind you, to a painting class run by local artist Mhairi Callan where an absolute passion for art began and I've never looked back. I followed this up with a short pastel painting course with John Stoa in Dundee to learn the basic techniques for the medium and then a couple of trips to the Norfolk Painting School to learn from the master - Martin Kinnear - how to use oils and how to achieve luminosity in my work. Until I retired I was lucky to have two hours a week dedicated to painting at a local group and it proved to be the ultimate in stress relief and maintaining my sanity with my very busy work, social and home life. 

I'm a member of Veronica Liddell's Corra Linn Artists in New Lanark and Sharon Bradley's Biggar Botanical Artists Group. Today I paint in all mediums depending on subject and timescales.


I am happy to do commission work and specialise in wedding bouquets. 

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