Wedding Flower Commissions 

Wedding Flower Paintings can be commissioned to allow you to have a permanent and very personal reminder of your special day.

These are painted from a good resolution digital image, usually in watercolour or oils.

Normally I paint a snapshot that captures the essence of the bouquet but on occasion would suggest the whole bouquet.

Click on the image below to read the story of the bouquet.


For more info please contact me.


Cassie's Bouquet

Kirsten's Bouquet

Kirsten's Bouquet


Elizabeth's Bouquet

Gemma's Bouquet

Gemma's Bouquet

Lorna's Bouquet

Lorna's Bouquet


Emma's Bouquet

Gillian's Bouquet

Laura's Bouquet


Sammy's Bouquet

Catherine's Bouquet


Marion's Bouquet

Laura M's Bouquet.jpg

Laura's Bouquet

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