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Why Wedding Flowers?

What kind of flowers do you want for your wedding? One of the most important decisions a bride to be will make and one of the most vivid memories of her big day. Why? Well they add that touch of romance, elegance, and natural beauty and for many brides there will be a special significance to design and choice of flowers for her of her bouquet.

Colours are chosen to match the season, the bridesmaids, or the wedding theme.

Flowers are chosen maybe because its a family tradition - one bride I know chose to have the same flowers included as her mum and her gran had in their bouquets - or they are a particular favourite of the bride. The bouquet can be very formal, handtied with beautiful stems and ribbons showing or wild and unstructured for that casual 'Outlander' look.

Whatever the choice they are very, very special! For an artist who has a passion for painting flowers - what could be a better subject - a ready made still life composition and colours! These paintings take an age to complete - anywhere between 12 and 24 hours - usually in two hour sessions - and you agonise over each one, hoping that it will come up to expectation. Yet the sheer delight in the recipients face tops all other commission work - to paint something which will give a bride a permanent and very special reminder of her wedding day is such a privilege!

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